Toyota prius camry hybrid car battery 14.4v 6000mah

Toyota prius camry hybrid car battery 14.4v 6000mah

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Product Description

14.4v replacement nimh hybrid car battery for toyota prius hybrid battery

 Suitable HEV car models for Toyota Prius, Toyota Aqua, Honda Insight, Honda FIT, Honda Grace, Honda Vezel

Dimension(mm) 40*107.5*275/283mm
Approximate Weight(Kg) 1
Nominal Capacity(mAh) ≥6000(IEC)
Nominal Voltage(V) 14.4
Internal Resistance (mΩ) ≤15
Specific Energy (Wh/kg) ≥45
Peak Power (W) ≥1100(DOD50%)
Specific Power(W/kg) ≥1000(DOD50%)
(30C Discharge,70%SOC,4.8V Cut-off) ≥10S
Peak Charging (15C Charge, 50%SOC, 9.6V Cut-off) ≥10S
Max Discharge (15C Discharge, 70%SOC,4.8V Cut-off) ≥60S
High Temperature Performance(50°C Charge/Discharge Capacity Rate) ≥70%
Low Temperature Performance(-20°C Discharge Capacity Rate) ≥80%
Charge Retention(30 Day) ≥85%
Working Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +65°C
Cycle Life(C/3 Charge,1C Discharge) ≥3000cycles
Hybrid cars Suitable model as below: 
1) For TOYOTA Prius C / AQUA (2012-2016) 14.4v 6.5Ah 10pieces/car;
2) For TOYOTA Prius 2nd (2004-2009)  14pieces/car;
3) For TOYOTA Prius 3rd (2010-2015)  14 pieces/car;
4) For Lexus CT200H (2010-2014)  14 pieces/car;
5) For TOYOTA Camry xv40 (2007-2011); For TOYOTA Camry xv50 (2012-2016);For Lexus ES300H,ES400,NX300H; For Nissan Altima (2007-2011); 17 pieces /car;

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